Bridal Rush 1

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Bridal Rush is a fun parkour game. Today is a very important day. Because your prince charming, the person you love the most, is standing at the end of the bridge. And you are going to marry him today. This is the final test. There are really too many people who like your prince charming, and it is difficult for him to decide who to marry, so today's competition was held, but only the first person to reach the finish line and wear a wedding dress can marry him. This will not only test your speed, but also your test and your accuracy. There are a total of two sets of wedding dresses on this bridge, but there are a total of five or six of you. Only the first person who grabs the wedding dress and headscarf and reaches the finish line can marry Prince Charming. There is only one chance. You must seize your own Prince Charming. Come and try it.

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