Run Of Life 3d 1

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Run Of Life 3D is a fun simulation parkour game. Forrest Gump's mother said that life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what the next one will taste until you open it. So what his mother opened must be a box of mixed flavors. But I think life is like a long-distance race. You start racing when you are a child, and you are still on the track when you are old. Some people will win at the starting line, and some people are still far away from the starting line. Then if your life were really like a race, what would he be like? First we have a runway. When we were babies, we were on the runway. Then there are many doors. These doors are your choices, and every choice will affect your future life. Healthy choices make you look younger, while unhealthy choices - getting married will greatly increase the age of your body. Whether you can reach the finish line depends on whether your life is long enough. Everything seems so insignificant in front of life, so the race in life has only one theme, which is to compare who can live longer, come and try.

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